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About Company ENG

 “CENTRSTROYCOMPLEX”, LLC has many years’ experience of production activities with the main specialization in the performance of full package of works on construction, revamping, and re-equipment of the enterprises in oil and gas industry and energy sector. The resources, knowledge and technologies available enable the Company to act as a general contractor for the performance of the full cycle of work from a preliminary survey and design to “turnkey” plant handover: The principal and priority directions of the Company’s operations include:
  1. Revamping of gas transmission infrastructure facilities, i.e. gas transmission lines, CS, UGS, GMU, and GDS.
  2. Revamping of heat- and water supply facilities, i.e. boiler houses, CHDC, pump stations, heating and heat tracing pipelines, water pipelines, sewage pipes, ventilation and conditioning systems.
  3. A package of works on provision of the premises and structures with the fire safety aids.  
  4. Erection and adjustment of industrial electrical machinery and electricity generating plants with voltage up to 110kV.
  5. Installation of integrated systems of production automation and control for enterprises as well as computer-based systems of supervisory control, energy consumption management and counter systems.    
  6. Installation and setup of automation, telemechanics, TP, communication and security systems.
  7. Complete supplies of the whole range of the equipment and materials from the leading manufacturers, including electrical facilities, instrumentation, piping components, and cable and wire products, including ones made by “Tyazhpromarmatura”, OJSC, “Teplopribor”, OJSC, “Kaliningradgasavtomatika”, LLC, “Zvezda-Energetica”, OJSC, “Octan-Engineering”, OJSC, “Podolskkabel”, OJSC etc..
 Such enterprises as “GAZPROM”, OJSC, “NOVATEK”, OJSC, “NK” Rosneft”, OJSC, “MOSGAZ” SUE are regular customers of the company “CENTRSTROYCOMPLEX”.Having studied the needs of our customer we offer the optimum solution, supply the certified equipment that is adapted for operation in Russia.